Join the St Edmund’s Boat club for the 2015-16 season!

Calling all Eddie’s freshers and returning members!

Come row with us this year:
– Biggest most fun club in college, lots of socials and great people to meet!
– A great & healthy sport to pick up.
– Rowing is the quintessential Cambridge experience, you owe it to yourself…

All levels are welcome, don’t be afraid to turn up even if you’ve never set in a boat before!

To hear more details come see us at the College societies fair (8th) or at our Boat Club squash on the 10th (College garden room, 7:30pm, drinks and nibbles provided).

Get excited!

Day 1 – May Bumps 2015

Well that was an exciting first day! All three Eddies crews bumped up, giving us the lead in the Pegasus table!

First up was M2. After just 20 strokes St Catharine’s M3 had steered into the bank and our M2 sailed comfortably past. Next up today will be Corpus Christi M2 who overbumped yesterday. This might be a tough one today!

Next was our W1 chasing Fitzwilliam W2. After executing a fast and powerful start they began to move into Fitz before the start sequence had even finished. Shortly after Fitz caught a crab Eddies just ate up the remaining water, bumping before completing First Post Corner. Another easy bump. Next up is Pembroke III who rowed over yesterday.

Last but not least was M1. Looking strong and together the boat sailed along well off the start at a rating of 42! Homerton M1 also had a great start but Eddie’s held onto them well and took some space. It took a while, but the first whistle came at the Gut. Once the whistles started Steady Eddies slowly gained ground, but Homerton gave a few excellent pushes. Alas, after being so close for so long, Eddies ground them down on the Reach. A good fight fought by both crews and a very exciting end to a fantastic first day of Bumps! Next up is Robinson M1 today, another tough challenge, but Eddies are hungry…

Watch this space for more exciting bumps news!

M2 May BumpsM2


The Boat Races 11th April 2015

St Edmund’s represents half of the Cambridge Mens Blue Boat this year! Captain Alex Leichter is accompanied by fellow St Edmund’s students Luke Juckett, Matt Jackson and Josh Hooper – three members of last year’s Blue Boat. Come and support us in cheering on Cambridge from the Bank on Saturday! The whole event kicks off at 15:00 with the men’s race starting at 17:50.


Welcome to the SECBC Page! Here you can find information and updates about the club. We welcome all members of St Edmund’s College to the club, whether you are a complete novice or an experienced rower. Many of our rowers began rowing for the first time here at Eddie’s so don’t be afraid to try it out!

You can come and meet us at the Fresher’s Fair in the CR on the 8th October from 5-7pm. You can find out more about the club, speak to current rowers and committee members, and sign up to our mailing list.